Our Team


Jason Say


Jason came from a background in healthcare where he was the Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning of a major health system for over 14 years before leaving to go out on his own. Over 11 years ago he created the company Sportsmen Portal to provide cutting edge of social media management services. Over the years, the company has quickly grown our client list as well as our services! We are proud to have worked with some of the largest brands in the outdoors.


Anna Wise

Director of Graphic Design & Web Development

Anna has been with the Sportsmen Portal since the beginning over 11 years ago. Anna was once a student of Jason’s in her senior year of college, where Jason saw her tremendous potential and he told her that one day if he ever started a business he would want Anna to work for him. Little did he know, that a year or so after she graduated, he did exactly that and asked her to come work for him. Anna is a tremendously talented graphic designer and web developer and more importantly she takes care of the client. Anyone who has ever worked with Anna can’t say enough about how professional she is and how she took care of everything they needed.


Jon Collins

Lead Social Media Specialist & Photographer/Videographer

Jon Collins who is also known as the host of his own tv show, joined the team a little over 2 years ago. Jon specializes in providing social media strategy and implementing that strategy. Jon is also a very talented photographer and videographer.